Al Belleveau

Rock Iron Sculptor in Bemidji Minnesota

Stone Age Artists

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I would like to thank the Region 2 Arts Council, the McKnight Foundation and the White Earth Tribal and Community College for making this exhibition of my work possible.

The original focus of my fellowship was ancient art. From this I proposed to create four human sculptures depicting ancient artists plying their craft. So far, I have created two humans and the turtle, who is a spiritual representation of our Earth.

Sculptress"The Sculptress" is a stone and steel depiction of a woman sculpting a stone Goddess similar to the Goddess of Willendorf that was sculpted 20 to 30 thousand years ago. The carving tool in her right hand is a stone I found along the shores of Lake Superior – a place that holds deep spiritual significance for me.

Hand painter"Hand Painter" is a man reclining in a cave making an imprint on the wall using a tube of rolled bark or a reed to blow red ocher over his hand to create an imprint.

Turtle"Earth Turtle" is constructed of stone and steel. The shell is found metal cut with the pattern of the sacred spiral. The spiral is found throughout nature, including within you and me.

The Turtle is the most ancient of symbols representing planet Earth. It is the personification of goddess energy and the Eternal Mother from which we, and all, have sprung. I have always felt that I am part of this creator and creativity symbol.

Moon Stone"Moon Stone" I started carving stones a few years ago at the request of a old man who had a bunch of stones he wanted made into heads. I was able to purchase some of them back from his children once he passed away. Moon Stone is my favorite.