Al Belleveau

Rock Iron Sculptor in Bemidji Minnesota


Rock Iron Art, is the syntheses of a life long love affair that sculptor Albert Belleveau has had with two of northern Minnesota's most plentiful resources. He use's rocks and metal in sculptural form to depict humorous life forms, unique functional furniture and decorating accouterments.

The wind and wave softened stones are collected by the artist during his frequent kayaking trips on Lake Superior and are sculpted at his Puposky studio. The rocks are selected according to size and color then thrust into cherry red cages of steel, formed and tightened under enormous pressure then welded to depict the sculptural needs.

The finished sculpture is sandblasted to even the surfaces and sealed with two coats of lacquer, or allowed to weather and oxidize.

Albert Belleveau started working with metal in his father's fabrication shop at the age of five he continues to interpret the world he experiences in metal and other natural substances. He has created large scale sculpture and ornamental structural iron projects for both public and private commissions. His smaller works have traveled the world.

He resides in Maple Ridge township of northern Minnesota with plenty of rocks and iron.

Technique Development

  • Weapons Sculpture
  • 2004 to present - Sculptural uses for weapons of the past and present.
  • Sticks N Stones
  • 2002 to present - Development of light weight self contained casting crucible.
  • 2002 to present - Modified metal casting. Open faced mold, multi metal.
  • Multi Media
  • 1998 to present - Rock Iron Art. Rock+ metal amalgamation fabrication.
  • 1997 - Self contained welding demonstration unit.
  • Sculpture welding in class rooms
  • 1975 to 1981 - Back twist metal forging. Blacksmithed items.
  • Public commissions: 1989 to present
  • Private commissions: 1976 to present
  • Sculpture Parties
  • 1997 to present - Workshops, Celebrations and Collaborations of Creativity. Memorialize an important event: birthday,anniversary etc., with family and friends. Guests bring metal objects ( junk ) and I orchestrate the creation of a sculpture with guest participation. A good time, and sculpture, is had by all!

Full resume of Collections, Awards, Exhibitions and Experience available at MN Artists.